It’s The Fix! Mental Health Podcast/Physical Health Videos

It’s The Fix! Mental Health Podcast/Physical Health Videos

Mental Health = Physical Health. We can’t have one without the other. When I’m asked how I lost so much weight I wish there was a simple answer, an easy ‘fix,’ but that doesn’t exist.  We have to opt for the long term fix, the fix that will stick.  To do that, we must go all in

Welcome To The Fix

Hi, I’m Matt Tompkins and over my 16 year career in radio and television I put my aspirations above everything else in my life, including my own mental and physical health.  I’ve had 8 surgeries on my body which lead me to a severe addiction to prescription pain pills, a diagnosis of Manic Depressive Disorder with depressive lows so bad that I wanted my life to end.  But about 9 months ago is when I really turned it around, and The Fix is all about showing you how I did it, sharing my experiences to learn and grow from, and helping you to find that balance again.

You see, as an addict I learned that the short term fix is never going to be enough, but the fixes we all chase aren’t just drugs or alcohol. These fixes are the fast food we eat, binge watching TV, the social media world we pretend to live in, and these are all just a way for us to numb our mind and body from having to actually deal with reality. But what if we invested in a long term fix instead?

Each week we’ll talk with public figures, experts, celebrities, and more to share our stories and relate and learn.  We are all going through it in some form or fashion, and talking about it is the first step towards that permanent fix.

Enjoy our first 2 podcast episodes and our first videos that we hope will help you out like they have me!

Welcome To The Fix!

Matt explains The Fix and how his story is not unlike too many others’.

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Avoid common mistakes that can derail your fitness goals by first finding out exactly where you’re starting out at.