FM Program Director

FM Program Director – Hot AC & Rhythmic CHR

Sweet 98.5 (KQKQ) and Power 106.9 (KOPW) have been a key part of NRG Media’s seven-station cluster in Omaha, Nebraska.  We are searching for a Program Director that has the ability, knowledge and competitiveness to be the best with both formats.

We are looking for someone who is competitive, has fresh ideas, wants to make a difference, and not just do what we have always done.  We need someone who understands that the brand is bigger than the music, and that the attraction of the brand depends on the stations involvement within the community, the involvement of our talent with the local community and how we promote our brands to the listeners, clients and the marketplace.

That means someone willing to get involved in the local community, particularly with those parts of the community that resonate with the Hot AC and Rhythmic CHR.  Someone who is happy to be one of the public faces of the station, and represent it at frequent live remotes, client meetings and major station events.  We need someone who just does not sit behind a desk, but is heavily involved in all aspects of the radio stations and our brands.

NRG Media needs someone who has a deep passion for music as well as an ear for finding the next hit, keeping the stations tight and always follows the format.  Additionally, we need someone who has the ability to do an on-air shift and be a part of the brands.  There is nothing better than a solid Program Director who has the ability to sit in a studio every day and talk to our listeners to get insight of what they want and how we should be involved in the community.

A must for the position is a Program Director who works with sellers to come up with ideas to help generate revenue for the stations.  We need someone who understands that sales and programming must work together for the station to succeed, someone who does not merely tolerate sales people but who really enjoys working with them to brainstorm promotions, packages, sponsorships, endorsements and events that promote the station and add revenue. Someone who can bring a spirit of creativity and mutual respect to a team where these values matter.

We are fully committed to our websites as well as all forms of social media.  We need a Program Director who understands these are extensions of our on-air product, and they must work hand in hand.  Social media and other digital smarts is a huge plus.

We need a Program Director who completely understands and can relate to the demos of Sweet 98.5 and Power 106.9.  Someone who understands who are listeners are; how they live, work and play; and what interests them. We need someone who truly understands that great local radio is about the listeners and not about us.  Who truly understands that great local radio is accomplished by working in conjunction with our sales department; and someone who truly understands the promotion department at the radio station is the glue that holds programming and sales together.

Above all, we want someone who understands, lives, eats, breaths radio and the formats, and understands that great local radio only happens through hard work, smart decision making and teamwork of all the departments within the cluster.

Are you that person … if so, please contact me, but you must be able and exemplify the following characteristics:  super competitive, strong leader, good coach, music genius, incredibly talented, fresh ideas, loves to work with the sales department, phenomenal work ethic, enthusiastic, plays well with others, and did I say … Loves to win!  You will be joining a winning team in a great company, one of the few left in this industry, where individual managers have a high degree of freedom.

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NRG Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer